Josh Alberson | Alberson Cement Consulting

Cement SME

2014 – 2018  BHP  Houston, TX

  • Designed and implemented a slurry, wiper plug, and centralizer program that eliminated production annular pressure in Eagleford and Permian basins which saves approximately $400K OPEX cost per well while reducing drilling cost through slurry additive simplification.
  • Generated a “Best in Class” cement contract for North America Shale that resulted in many industry firsts including recouping of spread costs due to cement NPT and cement simulator updates leading to industry-wide cementing improvements (Stiff String Centralizer Modelling coupled with 3D Mud Removal Modelling, etc). These improvements were accomplished while reducing direct cementing costs by 27%.
  • Reduced North America Shale’s spending on centralizers, float equipment, and wiper plugs by $6M per year through tendering and e-Auctioning.
  • Worked with plug vendor and multiple toe initiator vendors to optimize wiper plug size & design to maximize wiping efficiency versus toe initiator size.  This resulted in greater than 90% opening and wireline pump down success in Permian and Haynesville basins.  Savings are $150K per well by eliminating coil tubing prep.
  • Investigated recent State Willie Vee 56-T3-6 W107H production casing cement left in pipe failure and determined immediate cause within 15 minutes of arriving on location.  Potential for BHP to recoup $2M+ from cement contractor due to fault.
  • Co-inventor of “FlowCEM” which is a next-generation slurry & additive package for cementing of shallow overpressured zones (e.g. deep water shallow water flows or land water injector flows) that is currently being patented by BHP.
  • Investigated Burrokeet 2 (Trinidad deep water) loss of surface casing due to shallow water flow.  Multiple failure causes were determined that resulted in complete reprogramming of all cement contractor remote-controlled units worldwide and recouping a significant portion of the NPT cost.

Associate Drilling Engineer

2012 – 2013  BHP  Houston, TX

  • Designed and supervised the execution of the Spadra Bottoms #1 P&A (Arkansas River island well) utilizing a 250-ton crane on a barge. Several other novel methodologies were used due to the complexity of working “offshore” in Arkansas.
  • Designed and supervised the execution of Fayetteville P&As that reduced cost versus previous P&A campaigns by utilizing simultaneous well operations.
  • Worked as a DSV in Fayetteville and an Ops Engineer in Haynesville.

Senior Field Advisor

2011  CSI Technologies  Houston, TX

  • Provided well site cementing expertise for Talisman in the Marcellus Shale.
  • Performed well site cementing audits of Schlumberger, Halliburton, and Universal Well Services.
  • Technical review of cement slurries and cement simulations as requested.

District Technical Engineer / InTouch Engineer

2009 – 2011  Schlumberger  Houston, TX

  • Technical oversight for all Schlumberger oilfield cementing work, fifteen engineers designing for thirty drilling rigs, in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Reviewed all new company and industry technologies for potential implementation in Schlumberger’s Gulf of Mexico deepwater cementing operations.
  • Provided deepwater oilfield cementing expertise and guidance for remote Schlumberger locations around the world.
  • Performed technical reviews and offered operational guidance for all Schlumberger foam cementing work in North America.
  • Determined cementing material requirements for Schlumberger’s Gulf of Mexico cementing operations and coordinate with supply chain to ensure adequate supplies for a 120 million annual revenue operation.
  • Mentored eight engineers working on Schlumberger FE1 and GFE technical projects.

DESC Engineer – BHP Billiton

2007 – 2009  Schlumberger  Houston, TX

  • Managed all Schlumberger oilfield cementing work and client relations for BHP Billiton in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Performed all cement design work and supervised execution on BHP Billiton’s Shenzi (CR Luigs) and Neptune Developments (DD1).
  • Provided worldwide cementing technical support as requested by BHP Billiton.
  • Designed and supervised well site execution for three consecutive Gulf of Mexico record days per thousand wells (Shenzi).
  • Bronze Award – Performed by Schlumberger – “Shenzi Success: Unique SQ-MS Process & Technology”.

In-house Cementing Engineer – BHP Billiton Shenzi Development

2006 – 2007  Schlumberger  Houston, TX

  • Performed all cement design work and supervised execution on BHP Billiton’s Shenzi Development (CR Luigs).
  • Gained well design knowledge by working in-house daily with BHP drilling engineers.

Field Engineer / Cell Leader – Chevron Deep Water Business Unit

2005 – 2006  Schlumberger  Houston, TX

  • In charge of all Schlumberger well site cementing operations and assisted in cement job designs for Chevron Deep Water Business Unit.
  • Requested by Chevron to the well site supervisor for all cementing work on the Big Foot Prospect.
  • Completed GFE Project “Dynamic Modeling of Salt Dissolution During Cementing” that used a Chevron exploration well as the case study.

Field Engineer / Cell Leader – Maurice, LA Cementing District

2003 – 2005  Schlumberger  Maurice, LA

  • Performed all oilfield cementing designs and testing for Maurice, LA land and inland barge cementing district.
  • Managed personnel and maintenance for 4 land crews and 3 inland barge crews (~38 personnel) with 33 pieces of rolling or floating equipment.
  • Worked as a standalone cementing engineer supervising the execution of cement jobs on both land and inland drilling rigs.
  • Trained on the maintenance of all mechanical cementing equipment including centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, pressurized bulk equipment, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems.
  • Completed FE1 Project “Prehydrated Bentonite:  Operation & Economic Feasibility on North Gulf Coast Cementing Barges”