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EU slaps human rights sanctions on Iran, warns of more over Ukraine

Several European Union foreign ministers on Monday called for sanctions against Iran over the transfer of Iranian drones to Russia, as the bloc agreed a separate set of asset freezes and travel bans over Tehran’s crackdown on protests

EU Sets up Training Mission So Ukraine Can Continue Its ‘Courageous Fight’

European Union foreign ministers agreed to set up a mission to train some 15,000 Ukrainian troops from next month and to provide an extra 500 million euros worth of funding for arms deliveries to Kyiv at a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday.

NATO begins nuclear exercises as tensions rise in Russia

NATO on Monday began its long-planned annual nuclear exercises in northwestern Europe as tensions simmer over the war in Ukraine and President Vladimir Putin’s threat to use any means to defend Russian territory.

Ukrainian, EU Officials Suspect Iranian Involvement as Kamikaze Drones Wreak Havoc on Kyiv

A wave of “suicide drone” attacks inundated Kyiv in recent days, killing an unknown number of Ukrainian civilians. Ukrainian and European Union officials believe the Russian strikes were carried out using Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones, though Iran denies any involvement or role in supplying such drones to Russia.

President Nelson offers 6 steps to becoming ‘true disciples of Jesus Christ’

Addressing Latter-day Saints in British Columbia and Alberta, President Nelson calls Canada a ‘seedbed of faithful Saints from the earliest days of the Restoration’

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland accepts rare gift from his friend, the Rev. Andrew Teal

The Rev. Andrew Teal presents Elder Holland a Charles II Restoration Bible, printed in the late 1600s after the English Civil War

Resources for 2023 Church youth activities, camps, and conferences now available

The new “I Can Do All Things Through Christ” music album, website, and other resources supporting the 2023 Youth Theme are now available.

‘LEGACY TRAIL WARD’ Church forms new congregation in Tyler

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently announced the creation of a new congregation in the Tyler area today.

Elder Bednar shares how covenants will change the lives of the Romanian people

‘This is the greatest season in the history of the Church in Romania,’ says Elder David A. Bednar

How the resurrected Jesus Christ taught the higher law in new Book of Mormon Videos episode

The Savior teaches the Beatitudes and encourages righteous doing in the second episode of the series’s fourth season

Student loan relief application now officially available through online portal

President Joe Biden on Monday officially unveiled the online application portal for his student loan forgiveness program.

U.S. screened 2.49 million air passengers Sunday, highest since early 2020

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened 2.49 million air passengers on Sunday, the highest daily number since February 2020.

Supreme Court declines to hear American Samoa citizenship case

The Supreme Court on Monday decided not to hear a case on citizenship rights for American Samoans that challenged their status as “U.S. nationals” rather than full citizens.

GOP Wins Legal Challenge Against Restrictions On North Carolina Poll Watchers

A Wake County judge ruled Thursday in favor of the Republican National Committee (RNC) against the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) and its unlawful restrictions on partisan poll watchers.

Utah emerges as wild card in battle for the Senate

The Utah Senate race between conservative Republican Sen. Mike Lee and Independent Evan McMullin has emerged as a potential wild card in the battle for the Senate.

US government tells Arizona to remove border containers

The federal government is demanding the state remove double-stacked shipping containers placed to fill gaps in the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, saying they are unauthorized and violate U.S. law.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX asks Pentagon to take over Starlink funding in Ukraine

SpaceX has sent a letter to the Pentagon asking them to pick up the tab for funding the aerospace giant’s Starlink satellite internet service in Ukraine.

Independent Women Swing Hard Toward GOP Despite Democrats’ Abortion Push

Republicans made massive gains with independent women in recent weeks as Democrats ramped up their messaging on abortion ahead of the midterm elections.

Critics: Border Ouster of Venezuelans a ‘Smokescreen’

The Biden administration’s move to tighten border security by ousting some Venezuelans is a “thin smokescreen” that won’t make much of a dent in the migrant surge, critics say.

Republicans Push Parents’ Rights Ahead of Midterms

Republicans are drawing voters’ focus onto the issue of parents’ rights over their children as the upcoming midterm elections approach, The Hill reports.

Saudi prince sends threat to the West after Biden warns of consequences for kingdom

A Saudi prince related to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s seemingly took aim at President Biden and the U.S., warning leaders not to threaten Saudi Arabia.

Russian tower block in flames after deadly warplane crash

A military aircraft has crashed in a residential area of the southern Russian town of Yeysk, killing at least four people and injuring up to 25.

Nigeria floods: ‘Overwhelming’ disaster leaves more than 600 people dead

Recent flooding in Nigeria has become an “overwhelming” disaster, and many states were not properly prepared for them despite warnings, the minister for disaster management has said.

Ukraine and Russia agree to prisoner exchange freeing more than 200

Ukraine and Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region agreed to a prisoner swap on Monday that resulted in the release of more than 200 people who had been detained by the opposing force.

Xi willing to take ‘all measures necessary’ against ‘interference’ on Taiwan

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that his country reserves its right to take “all measures necessary” to prevent “interference by outside forces” concerning Taiwan.


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