I have spent the last 34 years working in the oilfield services industry in a variety of positions all with the same company as I developed my skills and experience. I have led teams as small as 3 people, and as large as 400 people, succeeding at every level as I was able to recruit, train, and inspire my team to excel and advance their own careers. My philosophy on leadership is simple: work harder than the people who report to you, never lie, and celebrate/reward success more than you penalize failures. “A happy employee is a productive employee!”

  • Proven leader
  • Dedicated
  • Work well in a team or individually
  • Honest


Quetzal Consulting Services LLC 2016-Present
OWNER/PRESIDENT, Provide technical and operational oversite throughout all phases of oil well cementing, from design through execution, including post job evaluation.

Services provided include:

  • Onsite job audit and overview
  • Audit of vendor facilities including lab, bulk plant, maintenance facility, as well as bulk and pumping/mixing equipment
  • Audit of vendor HSE and maintenance standards, policies, and procedures, as well as their overall performance/compliance with those standards

Schlumberger Pressure Pumping Services, Various worldwide 1981-2015

SALES MANAGER, San Antonio, TX 2013-2015
Managed sales team for cementing services in the Eagle Ford basin. Responsible for improving relationships with existing clients, and developing relationships with new clients. Responsible for market analysis, forecasting revenue, and establishing pricing for product line. Oversaw the training and development of sales team.

  • Key to winning and maintaining long term contract with client which became our largest client in North America
  • Maintained market share in declining market
  • Doubled the size of the sales team in San Antonio

Responsible for sales/marketing, recruiting, training, and developing workforce. Responsible for revenue forecasting and profitability. Responsible for overseeing field operations ensuring the safety and efficient operations of our field crews and support team.

  • Managed negotiation and implementation of unique services contract involving partnership with client
  • Managed growth of operations across several basins resulting in a 7-fold increase in revenue while improving IBT from a negative number to +35%.
  • Grew workforce by ±250% and job count by ±350% while keeping service quality rate and primary safety rates among the lowest in North America

OPERATIONS MANAGER, Elk City, OK 2007-2010
Financial, operational, marketing and QHSE responsibility for cementing and stimulation operations for multiple district operations.

  • Managed operations through the collapse of oil prices in 2008; retaining key personnel, reducing costs and maximizing efficiencies in order to position operations achieve maximum success in recovery
  • Managed growth of operations with oil field recovery in 2009, identifying, recruiting and training necessary personnel to meet business demands
  • Won award from Schlumberger for best QHSE performance in North America for 2008

FIELD SERVICE MANAGER, Longview, TX 2001-2007
Financial, operational, marketing and QHSE responsibility for cementing operations in east and northeast Texas

  • Managed growth of operations, resulting in annual revenue increase from ±$5MM to ±$ 42MM, grew IBT from ±12% to ±35%, increased headcount from 20 people to 75 people
  • Trained and developed 5 future Field Service managers and 1 Operations Manager

Bachelors Degree, Business Administration
LeTourneau University, Longview, TX

I graduated Summa cum Laude from LeTourneau University in 2006. I was able to earn this honor with a 3.95 GPA while working my full-time job with Schlumberger.